Health & Sanitation Department


Health and Sanitation wing:-

The Health and Sanitation Wing of Municipal Corporation Jammu is headed by Health Officer and assisted by two Sanitation Officers and four Assistant Sanitation Officers. This section holds the highest public importance and is backbone of the Corporation. This is the only section of JMC which attends/redresses complaints of general public throughout 24 hrs (i.e. 24 x 7) to provide clean, hygienic and pollution free environment to the general public.

Staff Strength and work allocation: -

S. No. Staff Strength Work Allocation
1 Sanitation Officer 02 Monitoring of sanitation work in their respective zones
2 Assistant Sanitation Officer 04 Monitoring of sanitation work in their respective Sub-Zones.
3 Sanitary Inspectors 25 Inspection and supervision of sanitation and allied matters of the wards allotted to them.
4 Sanitary Supervisors 97 Supervision and maintenance of sanitation of the allotted wards.
5 Establishment (Clerical) Staff 14 Maintenance of office records, preparation of salary bills etc.
6 Peon 13 Distribution of official correspondence, dusting of rooms etc.
7 Safaikaramcharies /Mashkies 1481 (Permanent 761 Casual Labour 715 P.D.L 04 Consolidated 01). Through N.G.O’s about 753 Safaikaramcharies Ward wise maintenance of sanitation of the beats allotted to them. In the extended areas the work of sanitation is being executed through N.G.O’s.

Functions and duties: -

  • Daily cleaning of streets/roads and removal of rubbish/filth etc.
  • Placement of containers, dustbins, blue bins.
  • Lifting of dead animals and their disposal.
  • Night Scavenging is also being provided by JMC in the main markets like Raghunath Bazar, Kanak Mandi, Residency Road, Raj Tilak Road, Rani Talab, Parade, Kachi Chowni, Panjtirthi & Gandhi Nagar area, as due to heavy rush these markets cannot be cleaned thoroughly during day time.
  • Providing information regarding dangerous diseases, special measures are also adopted in case of outbreak of dangerous and epidemics diseases & disinfection of buildings.
  • Collection of user charges on account of sanitation.
  • Challans under section 266/302/303 read with 384 of J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000 for violations.

Revenue Generation: -

March April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Total
User Charges 626500 725950 520100 526125 509750 536250 489900 448850 358200 274550 5016175
B & D Certificate Fee 117840 137400 133240 103680 62680 106160 110480 116200 93360 115440 1096480

Laws: -

S. No. Section
1 261 Provision for daily cleaning of streets and removal of rubbish and filth.
2 262 Rubbish etc. to be property of Corporation.
3 263 Provision for placement of receptacles, depots and places for rubbish etc.
4 264 Duty of owners and occupier to collect and deposit rubbish etc.
5 265 Removal of rubbish etc. accumulated on premises used as factories, workshop, etc.
6 266 Prohibition against accumulation of rubbish etc.
7 267 Commissioner’s Power to get premises scavenged and cleaned.
8 268 Public latrines urinals etc.
9 269 Constructions of latrines and urinals.
10 270 Latrines and urinals etc. in new buildings.
11 271 Latrines and urinals for laborers etc.
12 272 Provisions of latrines and urinals for markets etc.
13 273 Other provisions as to private latrines.
14 274 Removal of congested buildings.
15 275 Power of Commissioner to require improvement of buildings unfit for human habitation.
16 276 Enforcement of notice requiring execution of works of improvement.
17 277 Power of Commissioner to order demolition of buildings unfit for human habitation.
18 278 Industry huts and sheds
19 279 Prohibition against washing by washer man.
20 280 Obligation to give information of dangerous disease.
21 281 Removal of patient to hospital suffering from dangerous disease.
22 282 Disinfections of buildings and articles.
23 283 Destruction of infection huts or sheds.
24 284 Means of disinfections.
25 285 Special measures in case of outbreak of dangerous or epidemic diseases.
26 286 Infected clothes not to be sent to washer man or to laundry.
27 287 Contamination and disinfections of public conveyance.
28 288 Driver of conveyance not bound to carry persons suffering from dangerous disease.
29 289 Disinfections of buildings before letting the same.
30 290 Disposal infected articles without disinfections.
31 291 Prohibition of making or selling of food, etc. or washing of clothes by infected persons.
33 292 Power to restrict or prohibit sale of food or drink.
34 293 Control over wells and tanks etc.
35 294 Duty of persons suffering from dangerous diseases.
36 295 Disposal of infectious corpse where any person has died from any dangerous disease.
37 296 Conditions of service of Safaikaramcharies and certain other classes of persons employed in Corporation service.
38 297 Power to call for information regarding burning and burial ground.
39 298 Permission for use of new burning or burial ground
40 299 Power to require closing of burning and burial ground.
41 300 Removal of corpses.
42 301 Disposal of dead animals.

Achievements: -

  • Sanitation Drive: - Extensive sanitation drives were conducted wardwise to ensure through cleaning of roads, lanes, by-lanes & desilting of drains. During these drives adequate number of men & machinery were deployed for removal of all the garbage/ silt collected by scavenging staff. A special sanitation drive under the name “Clean Up Jammu” was also undertaken in Jammu City in the month of May, 2015. During this period all the drains were desilted, lanes and roads thoroughly swept and clearance of nallahs, lime spray etc was done in all the wards.
  • Collection of User Charges: - Rs. 58.20 lacs user charges have been collected so far in this year. The online system for payment of user charges will be started soon for convenience of general public. Once this payment gateway is created, it will be a major source of revenue for JMC.
  • Thermal Fogging:- Thermal Fogging was done in the month of May, 2015 in collaboration with Health Department within the limits of Jammu Municipal Corporation on the basis of report submitted by Health Department regarding rise in density of vector species of mosquitoes.
  • Challans produced in Municipal Court:- 737 defaulters were challaned under the provisions of Municipal Corp. Act 2000, for violating the sections under this Act.
  • Drive against Polythene:- Polythene drives were launched and large quantity of polythene was seized. Defaulters were penalized under the provisions of the Act. About 4000 Kgs of seized polythene was handed over to Regional Director State Pollution Control Board Jammu.
  • Door to Door garbage collection scheme:- Door to Door garbage collection scheme is partially going on in ward nos. 14,20,21, 22,23, 30,31,32, 50 to 54 and 68 to 70. There is a proposal to start it in rest of the wards also. Modern Tricycles were also introduced in some of the wards for door to door garbage collection.
  • Sanitation on special occasions:- On special occasions like national / religious festivals, Shri Amar Nath Ji Yatra, Navratras etc. special sanitation was provided with deployment of additional men power.
  • Transport Check Point: - Transport check post has been established. This needs to be mechanized with automatic weighing machine so that actual waste generation can be quantified. This will help us in planning for SWM project in an accurate manner.
  • Sawach Bharat Abhiyan :-
    • Under Sawach Bharat Abhiyan three sanitation campaigns were organized by Jammu Municipal Corp. w.e.f. 26-09-2015 to 2-10-2015, 15/10/2015 to 21/10/2015 & 12/11/2015 to 19/12/2015. The programmes were organized with the active participation of Elected Representatives, social workers, prominent citizens, Mohalla Committees and large number of school children. During these campaigns public in general was requested to avoid the use of polythene which is the main cause of choking of drains and nallahs. They were also advised to use identified collection points and dustbins installed for garbage collection instead of throwing garbage in every nook and corner. They were also requested not to burn the garbage as it a cause of pollution and can lead to serious health hazzards. Large number of locals were involved in awareness cum cleanliness drives to make it a mass movement.
    • Individual House Hold Latrines (IHHL’s):- Under Swachh Bhaat Abhiyan about 6000 Individual House Hold latrine (IHHL’s) beneficiaries and 21 community toilet locations were identified and proposal sent to government.
    • Mohalla Sanitation Committees:- About 54 Mohalla Sanitation Committees has shown their interest for active participation in keeping the city clean and their registration will be done soon.
  • Vital Statistics (Birth and Death) Section: - This section is headed by Registrar, Vital Statistics (Health Officer) and is assisted by Sub Registrar besides other staff. From the year 1989 onwards all the birth record stands computerized. Public can easily check/download their birth certificates just by visting our website. Detail of births / death certificates issued and fee charged is as under:-
    • Birth Certificates issued = 18095
    • Death Certificates issued = 3993
    • Fee Collected = Rs. 10,96,48