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Date :1/12/2018
Press Release on 12th january 2018
JMC Starts Composting in ward no. 13 Resham Ghar Jammu

Under the guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission and on the instructions of Sh. Ramesh Kumar, (IAS) Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation. Dr. Anita Salgotra, Health Officer JMC with the live demonstration & Technical advice from State Pollution Control Board Jammu started segregation and composting at source in ward no. 13 Resham Ghar Jammu in the presence of Sh. Munish Sharma Vice Chairman JAKFED. Mrs. Anuradha Gupta, Scientist from State Pollution Control Board and expert from Lucknow gave live demonstration and technical assistance for proper segregation and composting. Large number of public also participated in the live demonstration. The Health officer apprised that earlier dustbins of two different colours were distributed (green bin for biodegradable wet waste and blue bin for non-biodegradable dry waste). The segregation is compulsory under guidelines of SBM so it is responsibility of every citizen to segregate waste at source. This will also reduce quantity of garbage being lifted and dumped by the Corporations at dumping sites. This will help to make Jammu clean & green. Now the composting is started in ward no. 13, the residents are requested to segregate the waste and dispose off the same in different dustbins which shall be collected by the Safaikaramcharies of JMC from door to door. The welfare Committee and residents assured that they shall extend their full cooperation to the Jammu Municipal Corporation for the success of Swachh Bharat Mission, a big initiative taken by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.