Building Section

This section which is instrumental in ensuring planned development of city is suffering with following weaknesses :

1) We have one Senior town planner from town planning organization. Proposal for transfer of post of STP and a Divisional architect has been sent to the Administrative Deptt.

2) Deficient staff- we have 2 building officers, 4 surveyors for handling such vast area of 288 sq kms. We receive 5-10 building permission cases everyday. For handling these cases, we have 11 contractual employees to handle this. Their proposal for regularization of these employees has been sent to the govt for approval.

3) Building permission is online in JMC, but partly. The cases are submitted offline. The cases are further processed online. Tenders have already been floated for making the entire process online on the pattern of Indore Municipal Corp. It is further decided that from 1st of Jan’2016, building permission cases shall be accepted in scanned format through email.

4) Building permissions are still being given under BOCA, when a new chapter has been inserted in the Municipal Corporation Act. The existing byelaws needs to be reviewed in light of rapid growth of city and development activities. To update the bye laws as per the changing requirements, the bye laws have been put for review and architect association and experts in the relevant field have been asked to send their inputs. Once these are received, recommendations will be sent to the govt. alternatively, govt may constitute a high powered committee to look into these discrepancies and update it in lines with National Building code 2005.

5) The policy for urban poor i.e. for EWS/ LIG has been specified in the amendments of JK Municipal Corporation Act 2000 & JK Dev. Act 1970. There are certain clarifications required as it becomes difficult to adhere these guidelines. It has been also mentioned to accept shelter fee for the share of EWS/LIG. But amount to be received is not defined. In absence of the clear policy/ guidelines it becomes very difficult to process the group housing case. A detailed note has been submitted to administrative department in this regard along with approved guidelines of Govt. Of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

6) Professional fees tax of Rs.1000/- p.a. needs to be deposited by Architects of JMC. This was done to bring accountability amongst the architects who prepare building plans and certify that.

7) Rs. 37.14 Lacs Revenue generated from 211 permissions given since Sept.2015 ( Four months).

8) The procedure of convening the BOCA meeting has been started again for clearing the building permission cases.

9) To ensure that all traffic generating building permission cases i.e commercial & institutional with total floor area more than 20,000 sft,, shall be referred to UTEIC for scrutiny before according the building permission. This decision was taken in the BOCA meeting held on 14th Dec. 2015.

10) As per the provisions of the J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000 & Approved Building Bye laws of JMC, the Completion certificate for group housings projects and commercial projects like multiplex and shopping malls is being issued in case an applicant applies after following proper procedure. As per Act, the water connection, electric connections and sewer connections to commercial projects and group housings projects are to be given on production of the completion certificates issued by JMC. But PHE deptt. And PDD deptt. has never asked for completion certificate from JMC before issuing the water and electric connection in favour of any group housing project or Commercial project.