Census is conducted after every 10 years in India at each District level. In JMC for the conduct of Census a Census Cell was established in JMC for the conduct of Census in JMC areas in 2010. JMC has completed four phases of Census as detailed below:- I) House listing & NPR phase wef 15th May to 30th June 2010
II) Population Enumeration phase wef 9th Feb. 2011 to 30th Mar. 2011.
III) Socio Economic & Caste Census 2011(SECC) wef 10th Feb. 2012 to 31st May 2012.
IV) Biometric Enrolment phase for preparation of Aadhaar card of General Public Feb 2014 Mar.2015.

Staff Strength & Work Allocation/Function & duties

There is no sanctioned staff strength for Census Cell but the Cell is created by deputing staff of JMC. One Statistical Officer (Deep Kumar) of planning section and one Sanitary inspector(Anoop Sharma) were attached in the Cell along with three officials namely Ramesh Bhagat I/C Clerk from Health Section, Sandeep Khajuria and Vishal Khajuria from Electric section of JMC. The Section /Cell is allocated the work of conducting of Census within JMC limits and consolidate the data related to Census of JMC.

At present the Census phase namely Updating of National Population Register and seeding of Aadhaar No in the National Population Register (NPR) data base is in progress. For conducting the updating and seeding phase, Census Cell has appointed 506 Nos of Enumerators for conducting the field operations. All the Enumerators were provided necessary trainings by the Census Department of India. For field operations Census Department of India has provided NPR data base in shape of books through Deputy Commissioner, Jammu. These NPR books were issued to the trained Enumerators for updating by visiting door to door within JMC limits and out growth areas allotted to JMC by Census Department.

Achievements for the year

Census Cell has established 102 Nos of Biometrics enrolment camps for preparing Aadhaar Cards of general public residing within JMC limits and in its outgrowth areas allotted to JMC. The biometrics of 4,01,234 souls have been captured in the said 102 camps against the total of 4,95,134 souls. For capturing the biometrics of left out population in JMC and OG areas following Permanent Enrolment Centres are functioning at different places.

SNO Name of location Controlling Authority
1 Jamboo Lochan Community hall Ambhphala Jammu JMC
2 Ambedakar Community Hall Resham Ghar Jammu do
3 Balmiki Mandir at Gandhi Nagar Jammu do
4 JMC building Town Hall Jammu do
5 Tehsil Office Jammu Tehsildar Jammu
6 S.D.M Office Janipur SDM Janipur
7 Tehsil Office Gole Talab Tillo Jammu Tehsildar Gole