Citizen Charter

This Charter is a declaration of our mission, goals, values, efforts, duties, standards, and our sincere commitment to guide and help public at large.


We sincerely commit ourselves to quality and timely service to the people in our endeavour of providing municipal services to people effectively and efficiently. We also commit ourselves in furthering better acceptance and understanding of the Jammu Municipal Corporation by the people.

  • To discharge the primary responsibility of providing basic amenities to the people of Jammu City.
  • To make the city of temples more beautiful and to give it an aesthetic look.
  • To endeavour for the development of the city.
  • To properly develop and maintain the parks of Jammu city especially those under the control of Jammu Municipal Corporation.
  • To ensure proper disposal of the complaints and redressal of genuine grievances of the complainants.
  • To generate the resources for the income of the Jammu Municipal Corporation to make it self reliant.


We commit ourselves in enlightening the public on the policy decisions and schemes of the Jammu Municipal Corporation. We dedicate ourselves to the cause of promoting better understanding between the Jammu Municipal Corporation and the people.


  • To effectively propagate the ideals and policies of the Jammu Municipal Corporation.
  • To provide the information about the schemes of the Jammu Municipal Corporation to the doorsteps of the people.
  • To create awareness among the people particularly among the urban masses for making the city clean and green.
  • Dissemination of information on policies and programmes of the Jammu Municipal Corporation.


  • High standards of service for public who have an actual or potential interest in the working of Jammu Municipal Corporation.
  • Sustainable excellence and transparency in formulation of policies dovetailing it with courtesy, promptness and reliability in its day-to-day functioning.
Functions of the Corporation

Obligatory functions of the Corporation :- It shall incumbent on the Corporation to make adequate provisions by any means or measures which it may lawfully use to take for each of the following matters, namely:­

(a) the construction, maintenance; and cleaning of drains and drainage works and of public latrines, urinal and similar conveniences :
(b) the scavenging, removal and disposal of filth, rubbish and other obnoxious or polluted matters;
(c) the reclamation of unhealthy localities, the removal of noxious vegetation and generally the abatement of all nuisance;
(d) the regulation of places for the disposal of the dead and the provision and maintenance of places for the said purposes
(e) the construction and maintenance of cattle pound;
(f) measures for preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases;
(g) the construction, maintenance of municipal markets and the regulation thereof;
(h) the regulation of the abatement of offensive or dangerous trades or practices;
(i) the securing of removal of dangerous buildings and places;
(j) the construction; maintenance, alteration and improvements of public, streets, bridges, culverts, causeways and the like;
(k) the lighting, watering and cleaning of public streets and other public places
(l) the removal of obstruction and unauthorized projections in or upon streets, bridges and other public places;
(m) the naming and numbering of street and premises
(n) the maintenance of municipal offices
(o) the laying out of the maintenance of public parks, gardens or recreation, grounds;
(p) the maintenance of monuments and memorials vested in Jammu Municipal Corporation.
(q) the maintenance and development of the value of all properties vested, in or entrusted to the, management of the Corporation;
(r) the fulfillment of any other obligation imposed by or under Municipal Act or any other law as may be enforce from time to time.
(s) planting and, care of trees and road site etc.; and
(t) survey of buildings and lands.

Discretionary functions of the Corporation :- The Corporation may provide either wholly on in part for all or any of the following matters, namely:­

(a) the furtherance of education including cultural and physical education
(b) the establishment and maintenance of and aid to library, museums, art galleries, botanical gardens or zoological collections;
(c) the establishment and maintenance of, and aid to stadium, gymnasia, akharas and places for sports and games;
(d) the civic reception to persons. of distinction;
(e) tHe providing of'music or other entertainments in public places or places of public resort and the establisronent of theatres'and cinemas.
(f) the organisation and management of fairs and exhibitions;
(g) the construction and maintenance of : i) : rest houses; ii) poor houses; iii) infirmaries; iv) children's homes; v) houses for the deaf and dumb and for disabled and handicapped children;
vi) shelters, for destitute and disabled persons;
vii) asylums for persons of unsound mind;
(h) the building or purchase and maintenance of dwelling houses for Corporation officers and other Corporation employees;
(i) any measures for the welfare of the Corporation officers and other Corporation employees or any class of them, including the sanctioning of loans to such officers and employees or any class of them for construction of houses and purchase of vehicles;
(j) the organisation or management of chemical or bacteriological laboratories for the examination or analysis of water, food and drugs for the detection of diseases or research connected with the public health or medical relief;
(k) the provision for relief to destitute and disabled persons;
(l) public vaccination and inoculation;
(m) the organisation and management of swimming pools, public wash houses, bathing place and other institution designed for the improvement of public health;
(n) the organisation and management of farms and dairies within or outside
the municipal area for the supply, distribution and processing of milk ­and milk products fot the benefits of the residents of the municipal area;
(o) the organisation and management of cottage industries, handicraft centres and sales emporium
(p) the construction and maintenance of warehouses and godowns;
(q) the construction and maintenance of garages, sheds and stands for vehicles and cattle biers;
(r) the provision for unfiltered water supply;
(s ) the improvement of the municipal area in accordance with improvement schemes approved by the Corporation;
(t) the provision of housing accommodation for the inhabitants of any area or, for any class of inhabitants;
(u) the establishment and maintenance of hospitals, dispensaries and maternity and child welfare centres; and the carrying out of other measures necessary for public medical relief;
(v) any measures not here in before specifically maintained, likely to promote public safety, health, convenience or general welfare.