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Date :4/11/2017
Press Release on 11.04.2017
Distribution of Dustbins by JMC to Households for segregation of waste

In pursuance of directions of Housing & Urban Development Department J&K, & on the instructions of Dr. Manmohan Singh, (KAS) Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, Sh. R.S. Jamwal, Joint Commissioner (A), JMC, Dr. Anita Salgotra, Health Officer, in the presence of other sanitation staff of Health Wing distributed dustbins to the households at Migrant Camp Muthi. The dustbins were distributed in two colours i.e. Blue & Green. On this occasion Sh. M.K. Pandita Sr. Vice President President of the Migrant Welfare Committee was also present. The Joint Commissioner (A) JMC appealed the community members that these two dustbins in two different colours are being distributed, green bin for biodegradable, wet waste and blue bin for non-biodegradable, dry waste. This initiative has been taken so that the source segregation shall be start on the 5th June 2017 on the occasion of world environment day as per instructions The Health Officer also appealed all the community members that the segregation is compulsory under guidelines of SBM so it is responsibility of every citizen to segregate waste at source. This will also reduce quantity of garbage being lifted and dumped by the Corporations at dumping sites. The Officers also appealed the community members to cooperate with Jammu Municipal Corporation and segregate the 100% garbage for further disposal. Sh. M.K. Pandita Sr. Vice President President of the Migrant Welfare Committee appreciated this steps taken by Jammu Municipal Corporation to make the Jammu clean and green. He also appealed the community members to segregate the garbage in two different bins provided by the Jammu Municipal Corporation and assured their full cooperation to the Jammu Municipal Corporation for the success of swachh bharat mission a big initiative taken by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. The others members of the welfare committee present were Sh. Chobri Lal, Sh. Manoj Sharma, Sh. Satish Ji, Sh. Chand Ji, Sh. T. N. Bhat and other residing in quarters