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Date :5/19/2017
Press Release on 19th May 2017
Installation of intelligent traffic signal lights in Jammu approved under AMRUT

In order to finalize an ambitious project of installation of intelligent traffic signal lights in Jammu approved under AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) costing to Rs. 21.95 crores for upgrading existing 30 traffic signal lights and to install such lights at 34 new locations, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, Sh. M. Raju (IAS). During the course of the meeting, a power point presentation was given by M/s. DIMTS, Delhi wherein detailed information in respect of upgradation of existing and installation of new lights was shared. To redress the hindrances in the execution of the project, all the stakeholders deliberated upon the issue and finalized the locations after consultation with the Traffic Department, where traffic light signals are to be installed. It was also decided that installation of new traffic signals and upgradation of existing traffic signals shall be undertaken simultaneously, so that the project is completed well before the Annual Darbar Move. The new traffic signal lights will be able to deal two most basic problems of traditional traffic light system remotely monitoring from the Central Control using cameras, sensors and technology; Detection of traffic volume on real time basis and change in signal light. Detection of emergency vehicles such as Ambulances, Police Vehicles etc. and signal lights are alterations accordingly. The new traffic light signal system will have certain benefits viz. more efficient as are real time based, less waiting time for motorists due to fast response time, excellent operations during emergency situations and increase the traffic handling capacity of roads thus, very little or no jamming on road. The meeting was also attended by R.S. Jamwal (KAS), Joint Commissioner (A), Neeraj Gupta (KAS), Chief Accounts Officer, Ranjit Singh (KAS), Secretary, JMC, A.K. Khajuria (KAS), RTO, Jammu, Ms. Nisha Nathya,l S.S.P. (Traffic), Jammu,Kushal Chand, Joint Commissioner (Works), JMC, S. Surjit Singh, Ex. Engineer (Electric), JMC, U.K. Sharma, Executive Engineer, PWD (R&B), Jammu, Dalvinder Singh, Programme Manager, AMRUT (PDMC) and representatives of M/s. DIMTS, Delhi.