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Date :9/22/2017
Press Release on 22nd September 2017
Anti encroachment drive by Jammu municipal corporation

Jammu Municipal Corporation in coordination with District Police toady on 25.09.2017 conducted its drive against encroachers and illegal rehries/pharies on the instructions of Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation Mr. M. Raju (IAS) Jammu Municipal Corporation. The drive was conducted under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner (Rev.) JMC Mrs. Vinakshi Koul (KAS). Revenue Officers, field staff of JMC and Police force also accompanied the drive. The drive was conducted in the areas viz Jewel, Canal Head, Akhnoor Road, Bhagwati Nagar and Paloura. During the drive the team of Jammu Municipal Corporation alongwith police removed encroachments and cleared the footpaths and pavements. The team also shifted rehriwala’s to identified/notified rehri zones i.e. Chander bagha (community hall) and ITI Akhnoor road for ensuring that the road is made available in order to have free movement of the traffic as well as public in general. The team seized 34 illegal rehries plying without licence from these areas and directed the shopkeepers to keep their goods within their premises to avoid penal action against them and vendors to ply their rehries only in the rehri zones established by Jammu Municipal Corporation and only after obtaining proper rehri licence from Jammu Municipal Corporation.