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Date :12/7/2017
Press Release on 7th December 2017
Anti encroachment drive by Jammu Municipal Corporation

On the instructions of Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation Sh. Ramesh Kumar (IAS), Jammu Municipal Corporation today on 07.12.2017 continued its special drive against illegal rehries/pharies and encroachers causing traffic congestion and obstructing free movement of pedestrians on footpaths. The drive was conducted under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner (Rev.), JMC, Mrs. Vinakshi Koul (KAS) & Chief Enforcement Officer, Sh. Rajesh Gupta. During the drive Revenue Officers, Sh. Parmod Kumar, Sh. Parveen Gupta and Sh. Sunil Gupta of JMC & other Enforcement staff of JMC also accompanied the drive. The drive was conducted in the areas viz City Chowk, Shalamar, Purani Mandi and Raj Tilak Road in old city. During the drive the enforcement team of Jammu Municipal Corporation removed encroachments and cleared the footpaths and pavements. The team seized 1 truck of material displayed by the shopkeepers/phariwalas in front of their shops and footpaths causing traffic congestion and free flow of pedestrians. Jammu Municipal Corporation again appeals to the shopkeepers to keep their goods within their establishments to avoid penal action against them and vendors to ply their rehries only in the rehri zones established by Jammu Municipal Corporation.