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Date :12/23/2017
Press Release on 23rd December 2017
Workshop cum Awareness camp on dairy waste management organized by Jammu Municipal Corporation in collaboration with J&K State Pollution Control Board, Jammu

On the directions of Commissioner JMC, Sh. Ramesh Kumar (IAS), The JMC in collaboration with J&K State Pollution Control Board Jammu organized a Workshop cum Awareness camp on dairy waste management for dairy unit owners running their dairies within JMC limits. In order to provide technical guidance to dairy owners for management of dairy waste which is of specific type owing to its biodegradable nature and odour pollution problem, if not managed scientifically, this workshop cum awareness camp was organized. The main objective of workshop was “Waste to Gold” with mission “Zero waste”. Detailed knowledge was imparted to dairy owners to handle two main types of wastes. viz., cattle dung & cattle urine. During discussions, three different technical options were explained, which are practically feasible, cost effective and easy to operate and dairy owners were motivated to adopt any of the technique as per their suitability and affordability. During the workshop. Dr. Jaswant Singh, Municipal veterinary officer apprised the dairy owners about need and parameters required to ensure good health of animals and cleanliness of premises. He also appealed the dairy owners not to let free their animals on roads and streets as they not only cause traffic jams but sometimes it may lead to fatal accidents. Sanjeev Kumar, ACF, Food safety department also participated and discussed in detail the criteria required for registration of dairies. Mrs. Anuradha, Solid waste management expert, J&K SPCB, Jammu explained about the compost making technique from cow dung and making of “Panchgavyam”, a unique medicine for plants as revital tonic that can utilize and convert all types of dairy wastes into a valuable product. She also stressed on the need to understand that actually it is resource management as dung and urine have their medicinal value in ayurveda since historic times besides having wonderful uses as bio-fertilizers / bio-insecticides. Dr. Zafar Iqbal, expert solid waste management, DC, office Jammu also briefed about the vermi composting process and mechanical screening of vermi compost so produced.