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Date :1/20/2018
Press Release on 20th January 2018
Swachh Survekashan-2018

Mr. Ramesh Kumar (IAS), Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation stated that Swachh Survekashan-2018 is going on, during which Jammu Municipal Corporation shall focus on improving sanitation scenario within the Jammu City. He added that the concerned Officers/Officials have been impressed upon to take concrete steps for maintaining proper sanitation by deploying adequate men and machinery. He stated that the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India has launched Swachhata App which can be downloaded by the residents of the City for giving their feedback relating to the sanitation of their respective areas. He further informed that Swachh Survekashan 2018 is going on and the feedback of the public through Swachhata App will help the JMC to improve the sanitation of different areas falling within its jurisdiction and on spot redressal of their grievances. He appealed the general public to segregate the waste at source into separate bins as wet and dry waste. The wet waste can be converted into compost after proper segregation and the dry waste can be recycled. He further appealed not to throw the construction material on the road sides as well as in Nallahs which is a cause of choking of different nallahs of the City. He further added that for the success of Swachh Survekashan-2018, the involvement of citizens is very much required, as without the co-operation of general public the aim of Swachh Bharat Mission could not be achieved.