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Date :2/3/2018
Press Release on 3rd February 2018
Meeting regarding Progress of ongoing ABC/ARV program executed by Jammu Municipal Corporation.

A meeting of ABC/ ARV monitoring committee under the chairmanship of Sh. Ramesh Kumar (IAS) Commissioner, JMC was held in which detailed discussions were held on the progress of ongoing ABC/ARV program being executed by Jammu Municipal Corporation. Dr. Jaswant Singh, MVO appraised the committee members that more than 12000 nos of stray dogs have been sterilized/ immunized ward wise/area wise till date. Approx. 50-60 dogs are being sterilized/immunized per day at Municipal Animal Care Centre, Roop Nagar by the ABC/ARV implementing agency and at present the work is in progress on across the Tawi bridge area. Commissioner, JMC directed the incharge ABC programme for proper catching and releasing of stray dogs in their respective areas along with strict instructions to carry out this programme in a humane and scientific manner abiding all the guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and as per the SOP of AWBI. A threadbare discussion was also held on the control and management of stray animals especially Cow, Buffaloes, Horses and male calves which are let loose by the owners on roads and streets. Commissioner, JMC appealed to the people not to abandon their pets/domestic animals especially male calves and co-operate JMC and ABC/ARV executing agency to run the ongoing Animal Birth Control programme for stray dogs smoothly so that the menance created by the stray dogs is controlled and contained in a desirable manner. Other members of the committee who attended the meeting include Dr. Anita Salgotra Health Officer, JMC, Dr. Kavita Suri, vice-president SPCA, Dr. Tanvir-ul Sharief Zargar, representative A.H Department, Sh. G.N Jain and Sh. Kapil Sharma from J&K Gou Raksha Samiti Ambphalla, Dr. Sagar Ghadage, incharge ABC/ARV programe.