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Date :5/18/2018
Press Release on 17th May 2018
Commissioner, JMC chairs meeting on bulk waste management.

Sh. Ramesh Kumar (IAS), Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation undertook a meeting on bulk waste management with hoteliers, restaurant owners,Nursing home owners and banquet hall owners in the conference hall of Jammu Municipal Corporation, as a step towards Swachh Bharat Mission. He reviewed the implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 and issued instructions to the stake holders present in the meeting for strict implementation of solid waste management Rules 2016 . Commissioner, JMC asked the participants to install Sewerage and Treatment Plant (STP) as well as compost machine in their respective establishments, which would help in minimizing the accumulation of waste and added that compost so generated be used as manure in their establishments as well as parks and other green places. Commissioner further stressed upon the participants to store the waste generated at source in three different streams viz. Bio-degradable, non- bio degradable and hazardous waste in suitable colour bins and ensure its channelization to authorized waste pickers/ registered recyclers or waste collection agencies. They were also impressed upon to ensure source segregation and process/ treat bio-degradable waste within their premises through composting or bio methanation. They were also asked not to throw or burn or dump the solid waste on streets, open public spaces or in the drain or water bodies. Around 52 no. of stake holders attended the meeting and assured JMC for their maximum cooperation in making the city clean. Among others Sh. Rispal Singh, Joint Commissioner (A), JMC, Mrs. Sunaina Sharma Secretary, JMC Sh. Harinder Arora, Senior Town Planner, JMC, Dr. Saleem Khan, Health Officer, JMC, Sh. Rajesh Gupta Chief Enforcement Officer, JMC, Sh. Amitabh Manhas AEE(M), JMC, Sh. Kamini Kesar Enforcement Officer, JMC were also remained present in the meeting.