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Date :8/28/2018
Press Release on 28th August 2018
JMC launched the RFID tagging system for Stray and Dairy Cattles in JMC limits

Today on 28.08.2018 JMC launched the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System) tagging system for Stray and Dairy Cattles in JMC limits as per the directions of Hon’ble High Court in presence of Sh. Arvind Kotwal (KAS) Commissioner, JMC and Sh. Pardeep Singh Manhas (KAS) Joint Commissioner (A), JMC at JMC Cattle Pound Dogra Hall. Sh. Rahul Sarkar, Manager, ID. Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd. has briefly explained the benefits of RFID tagging system. He gave practically demonstration on RFID tagging to stray cattles. This RFID is injected under the skin of the cattle and with the help of Reader the identification of cattle is known. Through this system JMC manage the menace of stray cattles on road and can prevent the theft of animals and samaguling of the animals. By this RFID system we reduce the labour cost by accurate traceability of the animals. This system can accurately provide the information about the vaccination and other medicines given to the animals by keeping the record in software and this system can manage the cruelty to animals. It will also gave the benefits to the Dairies by linking RFID data with other records body weight, genetics, body condition of the animals.. RFID tag is mandatory for registration of the Dairy units in JMC limits. JMC also launched the Vermicompost Unit at JMC Cattle Pound Dogra Hall. Dr. Zaffar Iqbal (MVO), JMC explained the benefits of Vermicompost with observations that the stray cattle cow dung will not discard in drains and in this way the Cow dung is converted into Resource. Commissioner, JMC has appreciated the Vermicompost concept and passed onspot directions to MVO to replicate this concept into Dairy units. Further both the officers implanted the trees at JMC Cattle Pound to maintain beauty and keep Clean and Green environment in the Cattle Pound.