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Date :12/20/2018
Press Release on 20th December 2018
JMC convenes Building Operation Controlling Authority Meeting

The Building Operation Controlling Authority (BOCA) meeting was held on 20/12/2018 under the chairmanship of Sh. Pankaj Magotra (KAS), Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, wherein the representatives of the line departments also participated. During the course of meeting 65 residential & 27 commercial building permission cases were decided. The cases cleared in the BOCA would generate revenue for the Jammu Municipal Corporation apart from bringing succor to the applicants who had long awaited the said permission. The Commissioner, JMC stated that JMC shall convene BOCA meetings regularly so that more and more building permission are granted under norms and pendency in this regard reduced. The Commissioner, JMC also advised the general public to refrain from raising construction illegally/un-authorizedly and obtain proper building permission from Jammu Municipal Corporation before undertaking construction for their houses/commercial establishments, as such constructions are liable for legal action including sealing, demolition etc. He also advised the persons to whom building permission stands granted to approach JMC for clearing mulba at reasonable rates. The meeting was also attended by Joint Commissioner (A) JMC, Joint Commissioner (W) JMC, Assistant Commissioner (Nazool) Jammu, Sr. Town Planner, Town Planning Organization, Sr. Town Planner, JMC AEE, Inspection Div. PDD, Jammu, AEE (Tech. Officer) Sewerage & Drainage, Jammu, AEE (Tech. Officer) PHE City Div. II, Jammu, AE PHE City Div. I, Jammu, AE PHE Rural, Jammu.