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Date :2/1/2019
Press Release on 1st Feb 2019
JMC convenes meeting with regard to introduction of POS Machines for revenue collection and File Tracking System (FTS)

A meeting with regard to introduction of digital initiatives viz. online File Tracking System and POS machines for revenue collection, user charges etc. was held under the chairmanship of Sh. Pankaj Magotra (KAS), Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation. During the course of meeting, the Commissioner stated that JMC shall develop a Mobile Application for data entry in respect of residential and commercial establishments so that a unique customer Id of each household will be created and the same shall be used while paying different kinds of taxes/rents related to JMC. He further emphasized for taking measures to enhance the revenue collection of JMC by way of digital mediums. He gave directions to all the Sectional Heads of JMC for initiating the process for implementation of online File Tracking System in JMC within a week’s time, as the online File Tacking System will help to track the files instantly for speedy disposal of the matters. The Commissioner, JMC further added that Digital Data Entry mobile APP will also help to provide digital database alongwith GIS location and image of the residential and commercial establishments. JMC will start revenue collection of JMC assets like flats, shops, godowns, user charges etc through POS Machines and provide the computerized receipts to the consumers on the spot and the MIS of the same will be provided online to the higher authorities. Besides, Commissioner, JMC, Joint Commissioner (A), Secretary, Asstt. Commissioner (Rev.), Chief Accounts officer, Health Officer, MVO, CTO, Revenue Officers and Informatics Officer were also participated in the meeting.