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Date :3/31/2019
Press Release on 31st March 2019
Lifting of dead cow

JMC has lifted a dead Cow lying on the road from Gujjar Mohalla,Upper Paloura on 30,03,2019 at 9:30p.m after public from near by area suspected its cause of death as mal intentioned poison the municipal vety. Section of JMC staff lifted the animal with the help of police department and kept it at Municipal Animal care CENTER Roop Nagar and decided to go for postmortem examination in the morning. In the morning Dr Zaffar Iqbal MVO JMC along with Dr Anil Kumar VAS animal husbandry department conducted postmortem examination of the animal and the cause of death found to be GIT impaction of severe level. Around 50 kg of Polythene bags was found inside Whole Gastrointestinal tract ( Rumen,Reticulum, Omasum ,abomasum and intestines)with no feed ingesta . Postmortem examination was done in the presence of Police officials and some organisational members . MVO JMC appeals to the general public to avoid using polythens bags as it poses a threat of life to Stray Animals. Dr Zaffar iqbal MVO also warns to the defaultars rearing dairy animals to not let free their animals on the roads otherwise strict action under rules will be taken against such defaulters.