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Date :5/24/2016
Press Release 24.05.2016

Three days registration programme was organised to register all the street vendors / hawkers (rehari walas) under The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act. 2014 to rehabilitate the street vendors/hawkers concluded on 24.05.2016 at Jammu Lochan Community Hall, Amphalla Jammu. The registration programme started on the directions of Commissioner, JMC Ms. Mandeep Kaur (IAS) under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner (Revenue), Ms. Subah Mehta (KAS). During the three days programme a good response was received and 1839 street vendors / hawkers registered with JMC. The general public welcomed this registration programme and the steps taken for the welfare of Street Vendors / Hawkers. Jammu Municipal Corporation has also identified the vending zones for city vendors where they can be collectively accommodated with dignity and without hindering traffic.