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Date :12/28/2019
Press Release on 28th December 2019

Acting tough on curbing the menace of unauthorized advertisements, the Jammu Municipal Corporation conducted a major drive against the unauthorized hoardings/structures erected to display the advertisements within the jurisdiction of Jammu Municipal Corporation. During the drive the men and machinery of Jammu Municipal Corporation were put to service for the task and dismantled 03 nos. of huge unauthorized hoardings/structures which were erected near Balole Bridge in Ward No. 68 of JMC displaying the illegal advertisements by pressing men & machinery into service. The removed structures were in violation of the provisions of J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000. More such unauthorized structures on roof tops of shops /private buildings shall be removed in future at the risk, cost and responsibilities of the violators. As per the Advertisement Policy 2010 no person except licensed or registered advertisers or agencies is allowed to undertake the display of advertisement on behalf of others without prior permission of Commissioner and the advertisement policy further provides that “Whenever any advertisement is displayed in contravention of section 116 of the J&K Municipal Act 2000, the same is actionable as per provisions of section 119 and 384 of the J&K Municipal Act 2000. Further, also as per the provisions of J&K Municipal Corporation Act, 2000 no advertisement shall be erected, exhibited, fixed or retained upon or over any land, building, wall, boarding, frame, post or structure or upon any vehicle or shall be displayed in any manner, whatsoever in any place within the municipal area without the written permission of the Commissioner granted in accordance with bye-laws, made under the Act. The installation of such illegal hoardings / sign boards / posters / banners / bill boards defaces the property, buildings and walls of the city and are also constant threat to pedestrians and traffic safety which is punishable under Prevention of Damage to public property Act, 1984. Therefore, such an act of removing illegal hoardings by Jammu Municipal Corporation is a reminder to General public not to resort to illegal practice of construction of iron structures/frames on their public private properties to display illegal advertisements. In addition to this, in a joint drive the Enforcement Staff and Sanitation Staff of Jammu Municipal Corporation demolished a number pacca platforms raised over the municipal drains at Rehari Colony near Police Post which were a source of nuisance and causing insanitary conditions in the locality. The business community and the general public of the said area appreciated the action taken by Jammu Municipal Corporation.