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Date :6/15/2016
Press Release
Commissioner JMC visited the Cattle Pound Dogra Hall today 15/06/2016

Worthy Commissioner JMC Mandeep Kaur (IAS) visited the Cattle Pound Dogra Hall today 15/06/2016, for on the spot assessment of the Development works for welfare of stray animals. During her visit, Commissioner was satisfied with the works and gave further instructions for the completion of some minor additional works. She issued instructions that the stray animals who are in captivity, should be shifted to the adjoining Goshalla, so that the max. nos of stray animals may be treated and accommodated in the available space of cattle pound. Instructions were also issued that the sick /injured stray animals be shifted to the Animal Care Centre at Roop Nagar which is also upgraded and is fully functional. Dr. Zaffar Iqbal, MVO has been instructed to maintain proper cleanliness of the Cattle Pound Dogra hall. Also a public campaign should be launched where owners of the stray animals should be made aware of the job taken by JMC, stern warning be issued & penalty should be imposed on the habitual defaulters. Instructions were issued to the Engineering division to complete the balance works within the shortest possible time. The Commissioner was accompanied by Parbodh Sharma, XEN(C), MVO, J.P. Saraf, AEE, AE and others staff of JMC.