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Date :11/7/2020
Press Release on 7th November 2020
Hon’ble Mayor Sh. Chander Mohan Gupta conducted a surprise drive of meat shops in different areas of Jammu City

Hon’ble Mayor Sh. Chander Mohan Gupta accompanied by Municipal Veterinary Officer, Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma and other team members conducted a surprise drive of meat shops in different areas of Jammu City to ensure the sale of wholesome and good quality of meat and meat byproducts to the consumers . The surprise drive started from B.C Road, Amphalla, Newplot, Janipur, Roop Nagar, Bantalab, CPO Chowk Panjirthi, etc. During the drive, various meat shops were checked and about 50 kg of substandard meat was seized and later on disposed of properly along with a fine to the tune of Rs. 11000/- was also levied to the meat sellers selling unstamped meat and not following the guidelines. Hon’ble Mayor has appealed to all the shopkeepers dealing with meat/chicken products to maintain hygienic environment in and around their shops and make availability of good quality meat to the consumers. He also appealed to install the black/red colour glasses in their shops and do not hang the meat outside their shops. Further he made the meat sellers aware of the standard operating procedure while carrying out their business especially in view of ensuing COVID-19. It was impressed upon all the meat sellers to ensure social distancing maintain personal hygiene like wearing Masks, head caps, aprons and gloves and frequent using of hand sanitizers. MVO said that such surprise drives will continue in near future as well to ensure that the consumers can get healthy, wholesome and diseased free meat at any cost.