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Date :9/4/2021
Press Release on 4th September 2021
Anti plastic campaign called ‘BYE-BYE PLASTIC’ #jammuagainstplastic

In its continuous efforts to discourage the use of polythene, JMC has launched a comprehensive campaign, named # Bye Bye Plastic # Jammu against plastic With the aim to completely stop usage of single use plastic/ polythene in Jammu city. Under this initiative, Ten (10) number of Kiosks would be installed in the prominent areas of Jammu City viz Shaheedi Chowk, near Ragunath Bazar Mandir gate, Rajender Bazar. Talab Khatikan, and near Parade ground & other prominent locations of Jammu City on Saturday 04.09.2021 , where useful information was shared regarding the ill effects of the usage of Plastic. Besides, these Kiosks will function as exchange points for Single use plastic/ polythene with that of Cloth/ Jute Bag. General public will be encouraged to use Jute/ Cloth Bag for carrying daily provisions and goods. Shopkeepers will also be made aware of various aspects and provisions of Plastic Waste Management Rules 2021 and would be motivated to stop using of Polythene Bags/ Single use plastic. The various other officials present were Sanjogita Sudan ji - Health Officer JMC, Atul Kumar Gupta - KAS, Secretary JMC, Mr. Vikrant - J&K Head, & JMC IEC Coordinators Rajat Gupta - Project Manager, Dheeraj Sigh Manhas - Project Manager II cum Communication Manager, Ankush Sharma – Zonal Area Manager, Anuj Gandotra – Graphic Designer, Bobel Chadgal-Zonal Area Manager, Sahil Saini-Zonal Area Manager and Sahil Kumar-Zonal Area Manager.