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Date :9/13/2021
2nd Press Release on 13th September 2021
Jammu Municipal Corporation organises a meeting of all the stakeholders of shelter home.

A special meet of all the stakeholders of shelter home Boria Basti was organized by Jammu Municipal Corporation in collaboration with the NGO namely Jagriti Mahila Udyog Kendra who has been entrusted with the job of managing the affairs of home on day to day basis. The aim of the meet was to spread widespread information about various aspects of shelter home and the facilities there among the general masses so that the urban shelter less persons can be contacted and accommodated in the shelter home. Among the dignitaries who participated in the meet includes Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, Ms. Avny Lavasa (IAS), Vice Chairman, Jammu Development Authority, Mr. Pankaj Magotra (KAS), Sh Vinod Malhotra , Secretary Regional Red Cross Jammu, Member State Human Rights, Mr. M.I. Zargar, Hon’ble Councilor, Ward No. 48, Mr. Sham Lal , among others . While highlighting the features of the scheme of Shelters for Urban Homeless Commissioner ,JMC said that shelter less persons are not only being provided food and shelter but also being provided access to various entitlements ,viz social security pensions ,PDS,icds,identity,financial inclusion,education ,affordable housing etc and accordingly requested all the concerned departments for linkage of shelter less persons to the above mentioned entitlement schemes and also further requested NGOs and social activist for identification and enrolment of homeless persons in the shelter home at Boria Basti,Bahu Fort being managed by Jammu Municipal Corporation.