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Date :1/8/2022
Press Release on 8th January 2022
Jammu Municipal Corporation demolished six illegal shop Structures

To further intensify the drive against illegal/un-authorized constructions, today Jammu Municipal Corporation demolished six illegal shop Structures constructed at Channi Rama. Demolition was done in the presence of Officers of Jammu Municipal Corporation with the assistance of police authorities and Executive Magistrate deputed for the purpose. The Commissioner, JMC stated that JMC shall continue such drives against those constructions which have been raised illegally/un-authorizedly without obtaining proper permission from JMC and added that JMC shall not tolerate any kind of violation in Master Plan-2032 and violator shall be dealt with under the relevant provisions of the law. The Commissioner, JMC further appeal to the general public to refrain from raising illegal constructions and get building plans approved for commercial and residential purpose and raise building according to approved building plan, failing which action as warranted under Jammu and Kashmir Control of Building Operation Act,1988 and Jammu and Kashmir, Municipal Corporation Act,2000 will be taken against the violators including sealing and demolition of the illegal structures. She added that JMC has introduced Online Building Permission Systems (OBPS) which is very user friendly through which the residents can get their building plans approved within the shortest possible time at their door steps. Even they don't require to come to office everything is available online