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Date :1/11/2022
Press Release on 11th January 2022
Commissioner, JMC took stock of water bodies

In the ongoing work for Rejuvenation of Water Bodies/Ponds falling under the Jurisdiction of Jammu Municipal Corporation, The Commissioner, JMC, Ms. Avny Lavasa (IAS) paid a visit to water body/pond situated at Radha Krishan Temple, Deeli and inspected the ongoing work for its Rejuvenation. The said pond is one of the sixty plus ponds falling under the Jurisdiction of Jammu Municipal Corporation. In this regard, Jammu Municipal Corporation invited proven technology for in-situ treatment of lake/pond water through Bio-remedial and Aeration Systems or equivalent technology. “To prevent and Rejuvenate existing natural water bodies by reducing the environment of degradation due to pollution, capacity augmentation and beautification of ponds through regenerative landscaping techniques to transform them into positive, vibrant and lively public open spaces.” The project is purely focussed upon reinstating the natural ecosystem and making water the water quality adequate to support life, increase surface water storage, sewerage management to ensure that the water bodies are not polluted any further and beautification of water bodies along with provision of necessary amenities within the project area. Besides this, the Commissioner, JMC also visited the area from Narwal Bye Pass road National Highway and Rajeev Nagar, Qasim Nagar to Gujjar Nagar bridge area to took stock of sanitation scenario and on spot directions were given to the concerned Sanitation Officer as well as to the Transport Officer, JMC for focusing on providing better sanitation facilities in these areas so that these areas may be given aesthetic look. During the visit Joint Commissioner (W), Executive Engineer, Division-I, Sanitation Officer and Transport Officer and other field staff were also present.