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Date :3/8/2022
Press Release on 8th March 2022
Swachh Survekshan - 2022

Today Commissioner, JMC Ms. Avny Lavasa (IAS) briefed about Swachh Survekshan by organizing a press conference that it is an annual survey of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation in villages, cities and towns across India in presence of Chairman, Swacch Bharat Mission Standing Committee, Sh. Hardeep Singh Mankotia, Sh. Atul Kumar (KAS), Secretary and Dr. Sanjogita Soodan, Health Officer. It was launched as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which aimed to make India clean and free of open defecation by 2 October 2019. The first survey was undertaken in 2016 and covered 73 cities (53 cities with a population of over a million, and all state capitals); by 2020 the survey had grown to cover 4242 cities and was said to be the largest cleanliness survey in the world. The surveys are carried out by Quality Council of India. Citizens Voice under Swachh survekshan – 2022: This includes 2 Aspects of Citizen feedback i.e. Youth (15-29 Yrs.) and Senior Citizens (>60 Yrs. Age) JMC’s role in Swachh Survekshan - 2021 In the year 2021, JMC attained Rank - 169 in yearly ranking showing a consecutive rise from 2020 i.e. Rank - 224. JMC initiated more than 160 IEC Activities to aware the localities regarding the concept of Waste segregation & Swachh Survekshan including: · Training / Awareness sessions of JMC Officials · Nukkad Nataks / Street play · Bye - bye plastic campaign · Painting & Music Competition · “Bye – Bye Plastic” campaign in order to eradicate Single Use Plastic · Hoardings & Banners related to Swachh Bharat Mission / Swachh Survekshan · “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” Celebration · Radio /FM campaigns including interviews of JMC Officials. ULB Jammu yearly Ranking 2019 - 329 2020 - 224 2021 – 169 Swachh Survekshan – 2022 Groundwork In order to increase the yearly ranking for the year 2022, Jammu Municipal Corporation initiated / formed a ground work including: · 3 steps to be a Swachhata Ambassador: Hoardings / Banners & Social media will be used to display the 3 most important aspects to be followed by the local citizens to be a Swachhata Ambassador including: 1. Give your garbage to JMC’s Door to Door COLLECTION VEHICLE. 2. SEGREGATE – Use blue dustbin for Dry Waste & Green dustbin for Wet waste. 3. Pay SANITATION USER FEE CHARGES on time against a proper government receipt & avoid the penalty. · Appeal to the Youth (15-29 Yrs.) regarding 11 Questions. Make your city No. 1 by knowing the following Questions: 1. Whether waste collected daily from your household? 2. Do you give segregated waste (Wet & Dry) to your waste collector? 3. Have you heard/seen ‘Har dhadkan hai Swachh Bharat ki…’ Swachhata anthem? 4. Do you know you can search nearest Public Toilet on Google? 5. Have you downloaded SwachhataApp or City Based App to resolve your sanitation related complaints? 6. Do you find your neighbourhood area always clean? 7. Do you know about home composting? 8. Do you know that old books, broken toys, clothes, footwears etc. can be reused/recycled? 9. Are you aware that your city is participating in Swachh Survekshan 2022? 10. Do you know Open Urination Spots ‘Yellow Spots’ can be transformed through SwachhataApp? 11. Do you know Waste is collected separately from Homes Quarantined under Covid-19? · Appeal to the Senior Citizens (>60 Yrs. Age) regarding 12 Questions. Make your city No. 1 by knowing the following Questions: 1. Do you find your city more cleaner than before? 2. Are you satisfied with door to door waste collection services provided by municipal corpn./council/cant. board? 3. Do you give segregated waste to your waste collector? 4. Do you see people’s behaviour has now changed in managing their waste responsibly? 5. Do you we see people are now more sensitive towards not defecating/urinating in the open? 6. Do you find public/community toilets are more accessible and cleaner than before? 7. Do you see issues related with choked sewer lines or desludging of septic tanks are attended on priority? 8. Do you see sanitation workers cleaning septic tanks/sewer lines wearing safety gears? 9. Do you see more awareness messages around ‘cleanliness’ in your city than before? 10. Do you feel more engaged by your Municipal Corpn./Council/Cantt Board in following good sanitation practices? 11. Do you see people are more sensitive towards carrying their own bag for buying vegetables than before? 12. Do you see shopkeepers/vendors discourage keeping or giving plastic bags than before? What JMC has done till now: · GVP’s Identification & Beautification: Various Garbage Vulnerable Points has been identified by Zonal Area Managers of IEC Team & further beatified so that a message will be displayed to general public. · Awareness campaigns & training programmes to educate the citizens with basic hygiene practices. · Regular Updates in Social Media regarding SS22 in various handles including Swachh manch, Twitter & facebook. · To excel in the field of solid waste management and Waste Segregation, Jammu Municipal Corporation engaged the following: 1. 89 new segregated autos 2. 66 E-Rikshaws 3. 100 six bin garbage Tricycles JMC’s major achievement till regarding Swachh Survekshan: · ODF+ To do list of activities for Swachh Survekshan – 2022? 1. Press Conference 2. Social Media 3. Print Media (Hoardings & Banners) 4. Awareness campaigns with schools / educational institutions 5. Radio / FM campaign 6. Training of Sanitation Officials 7. 7. Seminar / Workshop with Higher educational institutions