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Date :6/13/2022
Press release on 13th June 2022
Jammu Municipal Corporation organizes a press conference to showcase the work done for “Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra” (SANJY) - 2022

Amarnath is a famous destination for Hindu pilgrims. The yatra opens only for 2 months during July and August each year. This year the duration of Yatra is from 30 June 2022 to 11 August 2022. Jammu Municipal Corporation in this regard organized a press conference at conference Hall of Jammu Municipal Corporation to showcase the work done for “Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra” 1. Mayor JMC focused on the Vision for Amarnath Yatra 2022 The whole focus of our planning is on user experience – safety, security, sanitation, and inclusiveness. We want to give visitors an experience that they have not had at previous Amarnath Yatras. Various has planned various initiatives upon to achieve the target of achieving Swachh Amarnath Yata 2022. 1.1. Litter Free Yatra · Municipal Corporation shall ensure installation of bins for dry and wet waste segregation at camps, langar halls, etc. · Collection and transportation of the Municipal Solid Waste in partitioned & covered vehicles will also be ensured. 1.2. Solid Waste Management plan by JMC · JMC will ensure installation of green and blue dustbins on all shops, langar halls etc. · Transportation of collected waste: 1) Dry Waste: Transport to MRF center for further segregation and recycling. 2) Wet Waste: Transported to WMC/composting pit for composting. During the yatra approx. 8,138 kgs waste will be generated from 27 different locations including additional 18 langar halls. Steps taken for Transportation and disposal of Solid waste: a. Segregation of waste at source by providing two dust bins (50 Ltr. each) b. Waste to be stored / wrapped in liner bag for safe transportation. c. Collection of segregated waste by auto tippers or big tippers as per feasibility. d. Waste collection will be done roster wise. e. Wet waste to be treated in Organic Waste Convertors / Composing and dry to be channelized through MRF. f. 140 nos. of manpower will be deployed in three shifts for brooming and Municipal Solid Waste collection. g. Overall Monitoring will be done by Sanitation officer, Sanitary inspector & sanitary supervisor along with Swachhgrahis 2. Deputy mayor briefed the Sanitation arrangements by JMC A detailed sanitation plan has been prepared by Health Wing of JMC including requirement of Disinfectants, tools and tackles during the Yatra. · Waste collection and sanitation activities will be taken care on 27 locations (Staying) & 18 Langar’s hall / locations by the Health & Transport Section of JMC. · Operation &maintenance of existing 594 toilet seats, 199 urinal and 255 bathrooms will be taken care by the health section of JMC · Operation & maintenance of hired 256 toilet seats, 74 urinal and 60bathrooms will be taken care by the contractor. · 135 No of Manpower will be deployed at different locations for cleaning of toilets, urinal, and bathroom three times a day (Existing Units), 1 man power on 20 blocks. · All safety gears will be provided to the Sanitation workers.JMC will provide PPE to its own 275 manpower (for waste collection & cleaning of toilet) · Overall Monitoring will be done by Swachhgrahis, Sanitary supervisor and sanitary inspectors of Jammu Municipal Corporation. 3. Chairman Swachh Bharat Committee emphasized on IEC Plan to ensure Solid Waste Management: A detailed IEC (Information, Education & Communication) Plan has been approved by worthy Commissioner JMC, to educate and emphasize citizen’s focus to make the Amarnath Yatra 2022, a Swachh Yatra including: · Awareness Kiosks · Hoardings · Flexes · Awareness via JMC Autos · Display swachhata messages along CT/PTs · Cleanliness / Sanitation Drives · Waste Segregation awareness at Lodgment Halls · Notices will be issued at Bhandara heads to follow basic sanitation practices 4. Manpower deployed for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra (SANJY) – 2022 Total 369 (no.) manpower has been engaged by Jammu Municipal Corporation for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra – 2022 · Waste Collection & Sweeping - 140 · Cleaning of Toilets, urinal & Bathroom - 135 · Secondary Transportation - 30 · Wastewater Management - 24 · TULIP fellows – 40 5. Desludging Plan for Amarnath Ji Yatra 2022 A detailed desludging plan has been prepared by Jammu Municipal Corporation for smooth conduction of Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra focusing on all 27 lodgements. · Four vehicles would be dedicated to de-sludging operations in the existing Locations, during the Yatra. · Rest of the four de-sludging vehicles would be dedicated for Vendor's Locations · At three location de-sludging will be done by three Private de-sludging opeators which are already registered with JMC · Five private de-sludging operators, which are already registered with JMC, would be kept in standby in case of emergency. 6. Repair & Maintenance plan of existing Toilet; Urinals & Bathrooms will also be done by JMC. The dignitaries present in the event were Hon'ble Mayor JMC - Sh. Chander Mohan Gupta, Honourable Deputy Mayor JMC - Adv. Purnima Sharma ji, Chairman Swachh Bharat Committee - Sh. Hardeep singh mankotia, Chairman Social Justice - Sh. Ajay Gupta, Joint Commissioner Administration, JMC – Pankaj Gupta, Health Officer JMC – Dr. Vinod Sharma and Secretary JMC – Atul Kumar in the supervision of worthy Commissioner JMC.