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Date :11/28/2022
Press Release on 28th November 2022
First Oriented and Co-ordinated planning of all allied departments for vision document in relation to beautification, tourism and culture plan of Jammu city.

To discuss beautification, tourism and culture plan of Jammu city ahead of “My Town My Pride,” Mayor, Jammu, Rajinder Sharma held meeting with different line departments.   Members of the Executive Committee, Commissioner JMC, Director Archaeology and Museum, Joint Director Tourism, Joint Director Floriculture, Officers from JMC, other line departments and representatives of Dharmarth Trust were also present in the meeting.   Mayor said beautification helps a tourism entity grow by attracting more visitors, providing positive word of mouth publicity, creating an inviting environment that tends to lift the spirits of service personnel and creates community pride. The work of keeping Jammu city clean, beautiful and attractive is possible with the cooperation of Corporations, different departments and common people added Mayor.   In the meeting, the Mayor sought suggestions from all the members of the Executive committee as well as all the line departments to make Jammu city more beautiful, clean, and pioneer in the direction of tourism.   On this occasion, Commissioner JMC gave a detailed presentation about proposed city beautification plan as well as city tourism and culture plan.   Mayor said Jammu Municipal Corporation and other allied departments should work together so as to transform Jammu into the best tourist-friendly city of the country and priority should be to glorify our culture and heritage. At Balidan Stamb near Bahu Fort, a replica to be prepared to show the history of war heroes, possibilities shall be explored for world class water sports on the pattern of Mumbai near Golf Course, Har-ki-Podi to be developed, Gharana Wet Land to be taken into consideration, glorification of heritage sites and vice versa. Mayor, Jammu passed directions to the Tourism department for to explore innovative ideas for to promote tourism at various adjoining areas of Jammu like Jia Pota Ghat, Akhnoor, Ambaran being the historical place of Buddhists Monastice complex which is also a strong physical proof of vibrant Buddhist phase in Jammu.He also passed directions to the Tourism department to immediately launch a Mobile App of all tourists sites of Jammu so as to boost tourism of Jammu and its adjoing areas. Mayor, Jammu told that Jambu Zoo is going to be open shortly for the general public which also going to be proved as big tourist destination of Jammu. Mayor asked all the departments to work in a stream line manner with better coordination between them with zeal and dedication so that progressive and oriented results to come. In this regard, a Committee of different departments to be constituted and Joint Commissioner (Adm.), Jammu Municipal Corporation being the Nodal officer of the Committee. All departments should explore their innovative ideas to the committee constituted to improve the beautification, culture plan and to boost tourism of Jammu so as to bring Jammu on the Global tourist map.