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Date :4/12/2023
Press Release on 12th April 2023
Registration of Pet dogs in Jammu Municipal Corporation.

JMC today confusticated a pet dog (Pit Bull) from H.No.86, Sec-11, Nanak Nagar, Jammu, owned by S. Balwinder Singh. The complaint was received in Veterinary section of JMC regarding attack by the dog to the neighbor and consequent upon a team of JMC headed by senior officials conducted a site visit and seized the dog. Also a penalty of Rs. 3000/- has been imposed on the dog owner for not registering their dog with JMC. As it is mandatory for the pet dog owners & keepers to register their pet dog with JMC in accordance with the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2023 and Municipal Corporation Act, 2000 and for that JMC has also issued public notice for the awareness of general public. MVO, JMC Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma disclosed that such type of drives shall continue to be conducted in future also to check the registration of the pet dogs and fines/ penalties upto Rs. 5000/- shall be imposed on the defaulters residing within JMC limits. For registration of pet dogs, owners can avail this service through online mode at and for any query regarding registration, pet owners may contact MVO section of JMC (Ph.No. 8716946717/ 9858022175) or e-mail at [email protected]