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Date :6/26/2023
Press Release on 26th June 2023
Dr. Sushil Kumar sharma, MVO, JMC convened a meeting regarding various issues of animal welfare and animals protection rights.

On 25-6-2023, MVO, JMC Dr. Sushil Kumar sharma convened a meeting in his office chamber with animal activist/ lovers/ volunteers who are working day and night for the cause of speechless creatures. During the meeting threadbare discussions were held on various issues of animal welfare and animals protection rights. MVO, JMC briefed about the various animal welfare activities being carried out by the JMC and informed that till date more than 33,000 street dogs have been sterilized / vaccinated within JMC limits and during the year 2022-2023, 3190 number of different kinds of stray animals were rescued and treated at MACC, Roop Nagar by the JMC. He sought suggestions and coordination from the animal activist/ lovers/ volunteers for the effective implementation of Animal Birth Control Programme so that dog population of Jammu city can be stabilized in a time bound manner. In order to implement ABC programme effectively and timely rescue of sick/ Injured stray animals, it was decided in the meeting that different levels of coordination committees involving animal activist/ lovers/ volunteers and resident welfare associations will be constituted to monitor and supervise these activities at ground level for the better care and welfare of street animals. All these committees will also work to sensitize, inform and educate the community about the effectiveness of ABC programme in helping to reduce the dog population growth as well as in eradicating rabies in Jammu city. MVO, JMC further disclosed that JMC will soon have the facility of ultrasound, X-ray and blood analyzer for providing better health care diagnostic to the ailing stray animals admitted in MACC, Roop Nagar. Also JMC is going to purchase more number of hydraulic cattle catcher and dog catcher vehicles so that every rescue call can be attended in a time bound manner. In the meeting various suggestions have also been putforth by the participants for the cause of animal welfare and MVO, JMC assure that JMC will considered them in a phase manner. All the animal activist/ lovers/ volunteers present in the meeting took plague to work in close coordination with JMC so that sterilization/ vaccination of all the street dog population present in Jammu city could be ensured in a time specific period. During the meeting Miss. Namrata Hakhoo, Founder / Chairman of Street Animal Foundation Trust, Jammu, Retired Colonel Sh. Rajeshwar Sabarwal, Animal Right Activist Sh. Muneesh Sharma and Sh. Anmol Mahajan were also present.