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Date :9/4/2023
2nd Press Release on 4th September 2023
Mayor Jammu kick off “Bhrashtachar Mukt J&K” campaign.

Sh. Rajinder Sharma, Mayor Jammu kick off “Bhrashtachar Mukt J&K” campaign from the conference hall of JMC. All the JMC officers and officials participated with great enthusiasm. Mayor, Jammu along with all the participants take Integrity pledge to make the system corruption free. Mayor, Jammu said that the main motive behind this campaign is to spread awareness about a corruption-free society. Everyone knows that corruption affects every area of society. The purpose behind this kind of campaign is to make people aware of the repercussions of indulging in corruption and motivate them to follow a righteous path. Mayor, Jammu said each and every individual and even organizations for that matter, pledge not to be a part of any kind of corruption. While combating corruption can be hard, it isn’t impossible if everyone decides to back out and refuse to participate in corruption. Any act of bribery or misuse of public positions that lead to the fulfillment of selfish motive is wrong. By saying no to corruption, we can help create more employment opportunities, achieve gender equality and secure wider access to essential services. Above all, we can make a system fair for all. He said we aim to take Jammu to the frontline city of India. Corruption is not just a matter of a few rupees. On the one hand, corruption hurts the development of the country and at the same time corruption disrupts the social balance. And most importantly, corruption plagues the trust that one places on the system of the country and the sense of belongingness. And hence, combating corruption is not just the responsibility of an agency or an institution but is a collective responsibility. The onus of responsibility to change this situation is on all of us. He emphasis to raise awareness on the importance of getting rid of corruption. Corruption affects every area in our society and preventing corruption unlocks progress towards sustainable development goals. Mayor Jammu said that in order to curb corruption online mode of service delivery is the game changer and stressed upon to encourage digital mode of services only. He said only the technology can bring transparency and accountability in the working of the government functionaries. It is not up to countries to unite and face this global problem but every single person, young and old has a role to play, prevent and counter corruption in order to promote resilience and integrity in society. To achieve this, policies, systems and measures must be in place for people to be able to speak up and “SAY NO TO CORRUPTION”. Mayor, Jammu thanked all the officers and officials of Jammu Municipal Corporation for participating in the campaign and urged them to come forward in eradicating the corruption to make our Jammu Corruption free.