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Date :1/11/2024
Press release on 11th January 2024
Ms. Mandeep Kaur, IAS, Commissioner Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department, UTof J&K conducts review meeting ofJammu Municipal Corporation and Jammu Smart City Limited.

Commissioner Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Department, UT of J&K held a comprehensive review meeting today in the meeting Hall of JMC to assess the progress and implementation of key initiatives including ITC initiatives to enhance efficiency and transparency in Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL). The Commissioner Secretary directed that all the projects undertaken by JMC and JSCL should be completed within timelines. The Commissioner Secretary emphasized the importance of transitioning towards a paperless work environment through the full utilization of e-office potential. This move is expected to not only reduce bureaucratic hurdles but also enhance data security and facilitate faster decision-making processes within the department. A significant emphasis was placed on the implementation of online solutions to streamline administrative processes within the Jammu Municipal Corporation and Jammu Smart City. The Commissioner Secretary underscored the importance of embracing technology to enhance workflow efficiency, reduce paperwork, and ensure a more responsive and agile municipal administration. The Commissioner Secretary highlighted the importance of implementing effective revenue enhancement strategies to ensure financial sustainability for Jammu Municipal Corporation and Jammu Smart City. The meeting discussed innovative approaches to boost revenue streams, ensuring that the municipal bodies are well-equipped to meet the growing demands of urban development while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Commissioner Secretary also emphasized on increasing validity/renewal period for different licenses/NOC as part of ease of doing business In a move to streamline sanitation issues and garbage collection processes, it was desired that 100 % door to door collection of wastes shall be ensured and modalities shall be finalized for removal of primary collection points within the Jammu Municipal Corporation area in a staggered manner to make Jammu a bin free city. This initiative will improve overall Sanitation scenario in the city. The Commissioner Secretary, HUDD reviewed major projects of JMC and JSCL and also visited the Integrated Command & Control Centre of JSCL at Town Hall. Commissioner Secretary desired to have onsite assessment of major Projects of JMC and JSCL. The meeting was attended by Commissioner, JMC, Special Secretary, H&UDD, Director Finance, H&UDD, Joint Commissioner (R&E), FA/CAO, JSCL, Joint Commissioner (Works), CAO, JMC, Sprtn. Engineering, PHE, Executive Engineers etc. The review meeting provided an opportunity for departmental officials to present updates, share challenges, and propose solutions related to the aforementioned initiatives. It was also an occasion to reaffirm the commitment of the Housing and Urban Development Department to delivering quality services to the citizens and fostering sustainable urban development. Commissioner Secretary urged the officer to work with zeal and dedication to meet the challenges and desired outcomes with a collaborative approach involving all stakeholders.