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Date :2/16/2024
Press Release on 16th February 2024
Commissioner/Secretary to Govt., H&UDD, Ms. Mandeep Kaur, IAS Inspects Ongoing Works and assets of Jammu Municipal Corporation

Commissioner/Secretary, H&UDD, Ms. Mandeep Kaur, IAS conducted a tour of Jammu City today, where she visited various locations and assessed the progress of ongoing works and assets of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC). She was accompanied by Sh Rahul Yadav, IAS Commissioner Jammu Municipal Corporation and officers of Jammu Municipal corporation. During the visit, Ms. Mandeep Kaur inspected the Bandu-rakh 5 TPD Material recovery facility (MRF) and upcoming 5 TPD Material Recovery Canter (MRC) being managed by CEE. She was informed that upcoming MRC will be first of its kind facility in Jammu & Kashmir with inhouse recycling. She instructed to increase the capacity of MRF. Emphasizing the importance of waste management, she urged the concerned officials to commence composting at the earliest to manage wet waste as well. The Commissioner/Secretary also visited the commercial complex at Jeevan Nagar, where she observed that Phase-1 of the project had been completed. She issued instructions to expedite the remaining work and ensure its timely completion. Additionally, Ms. Mandeep Kaur visited the slaughterhouse at Gujjar Nagar and Dogra Hall. She instructed the officials to prioritize the completion of pending work and also directed Commissioner JMC to study best operation model and ensure proper functioning of these facilities through outsourcing on a self-sustained model. Lastly, Commissioner/Secretary also visited the under construction cattle pound at Bandhu-Rakh and JMC cattle pound at Dogra hall. She appreciated the work and maintenance at the cattle pound at Dogra Hall. She instructed to utilize the cow dung compost from Dogra hall in JMC parks and garden and form a proper system for that. Ms. Mandeep Kaur's visit highlights the government's commitment to the development and improvement of Jammu City's infrastructure and amenities. The inspection tour allowed her to assess the progress of ongoing projects and to impart necessary instructions for their timely completion. Among other, Joint Commissioner (H&S), Joint Commissioner (W), executive Engineer (M), Municipal Veterinary Officer were present during the visit.