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Date :10/13/2016
Press Release on 13th Oct. 2016
Sterilization / spaying of stray dogs

On the directions of Dr. Manmohan Singh (KAS), Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Jammu, and Sh. R.S. Jamwal (KAS), Joint Commissioner(A), JMC, Sterilization / spaying of stray dogs have been started at Municipal Animal Care Centre, Roop Nagar Jammu under the supervision of Dr. Jaswant Singh, Municipal Veterinary Officer, JMC. Giving detail about the programme Dr. Jaswant Singh, Municipal Veterinary Officer said that JMC has invited tenders from registered agencies / NGOs to carry out the work of ABC / ARV of stray dogs in all the 71 wards of Jammu Municipal Corporation for a period of 2 years but due to poor response from the tenderers the programme could not be started. As Jammu Municipal Corporation is receiving lot of complaints regarding the nuisance created by the stray dogs in all 71 wards of JMC and to handle this situation Jammu Municipal Corporation itself have started the Sterilization / spaying programme for stray dogs under which 10-15 stray dogs are being sterilized per day and approximately 50 dogs have been sterilized in last 4-5 days. As per the guidelines issued by Animal Welfare Board of India and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India killing of Stray Dogs and there relocation from one place to another location is totally prohibited / banned, so abid ing by the guidelines, after catching, sterilization and providing post operative care for 3-4 days, dogs are vaccinated against Anti Rabies Vaccine (ARV) and are relocated to their respective areas from where they are lifted up. Sterilization of dogs is being done by Dr. Vikas and his team which includes trained Paravets and dog catchers under the overall supervision of Municipal Veterinary Office, JMC. This programme will continue till retendering / outsourcing of ABC programme is done. Municipal Veterinary Officer, JMC said that stray dogs will be lifted on complaint basis and priority will be given to sensitive areas like Hospitals, Educational institutions and religious places etc.