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Date :11/10/2016
Press Release on 10th Nov. 2016
Meeting regarding setting up of Solid Waste Management Project in Jammu city.

Today on 10.11.2016, a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. Manmohan Singh (KAS), Municipal Commissioner with Sr. Manager, Sh. Manjeet Pugalia, International Coil Ltd. Delhi in the Conference Hall of Jammu Municipal Corporation, the Joint Commissioner (Adm), Sh. R.S. Jamwal (KAS), Chief Accounts Officer, Sh. Neeraj Gupta, Secretary, Sh. Ranjeet Singh, JMC and other technical staff members of JMC were also participated in the meeting. At the outset of the meeting various points were discussed in brief about setting up of Solid Waste Management Project in the city, the Consultants gave presentation and share their experiences and opinions while establishing the project in other city. Meanwhile the Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation underlined the determination of Jammu Municipal Corporation to start the solid waste management project immediately for Jammu. Solid waste Management is one among the basic essential services provided by Municipal authorities in the country to keep urban centres clean. Though Municipal authorities have held the responsibility of managing solid waste from their inception over three centuries ago, the issue seldom got the attention it deserved. As there is a dire need of the project without affecting other important parameters like Noise Pollution, Air Pollution. Water Contamination etc, should also be taken in view while establishing the project. During the meeting the consultants show some products which have come up from waste material e.g (Waste to Pellet) which will be used in daily life and they also share some other parameters which show the necessity of the project for the city. At the end of the meeting Commissioner, JMC and other Officers thanked them and asked for preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR).