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Date :1/18/2017
Press Release on 18th Jan. 2017
Encroachment Drive

On the instructions of Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation Dr. Manmohan Singh (KAS), Assistant Commissioner (Rev.), Jammu Municipal Corporation Mrs. Vinakshi Koul (KAS), Chief Enforcement Officer, Jammu Municipal Corporation Sh. Rajesh Gupta alongwith Revenue Officers and other field staff today on 18.01.2017 conducted intensive tour of the areas of City Chowk, Super Bazar, Purani Mandi, Raj Tilak Road, Moti Bazar, Parade etc. The team got the roads of these areas cleared from habitual encroachers who have displayed their belongings/ articles in front of their shops which was causing obstruction to pedestrian & free flow of traffic. The team warned the shopkeepers, Rehri/Phari wallas not to encroach the roads & footpaths otherwise their articles will be seized and action under rules may be initiated against them.