1. The Jurisdiction of Sewerage and Drainage Division (west) Jammu of UEED Deptt. falls within municipal limits of JMC. 2. At present, Sewerage and Drainage work within Jammu municipal limits is being looked after by the said Division. 3. However few Drainage schemes in Bhathindi area which is outside municipal limits are also being looked after by this Division as they were already with this Division before the devolution of powers to JMC. A report in this regard has been sent to the Administrative Deptt. for rationalization of the schemes so that JMC budget is not burdened with the areas outside our jurisdiction.

  • For the purpose of Sewerage network, the Jammu city has been divided into three Divisions viz. A, B & C. due to topographical and immediate requirement reasons. Presently the Sewerage network is in progress in Division-A only which is on the right side of river Tawi comprising mostly of old city and is being executed by UEED, NBCC and ERA. For Division B & C the DPR work is under progress and is being funded by JICA. The Division- B falls on the right bank of the river Tawi whereas Division C falls on the left bank of the river Tawi. STP for Division-B has been proposed at Udheywala where as STP for Division-C has been proposed at Gadigarh
  • Under Drainage sector, about 68 Nos. are ongoing schemes and 8 Nos. new proposed schemes thus making total no. of schemes as 76, all being funded under state plan. The annual budgetary allocation is approx. Rs.360 Lacs. This budget allocation is not adequate to properly address the Drainage problem of the city. The works are taken up at various places on the demand of public and due recommendation of MLA’s of the area.
  • Now, few projects have been proposed under centrally sponsored scheme i.e. AMRUT. Rs. 96Cr. has been proposed for Sewerage Sector to immediately address the Sewerage handling of the city and Rs.154Cr. for Drainage network of the city under JMC.
Brief description of the different agencies engaged with Sewerage projects is given below:
  • NBCC The area under execution by NBCC is from Jewel Chowk to Peerkho bifurcating B.C Road. The project comprises of 27 MLD Sewerage treatment plant already constructed at Bhagwati nagar, 32.0 KM Trunk Sewer, 90.740 KM laterals and 30400 house connections. The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 130.75 Cr. House connections and some portion of Trunk Sewer and Laterals is pending due to non-availability of funds.
  • UEED M/S U.P Jal Nigam has executed Sewerage scheme of Talab Tillo area. The project comprises of 10 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant, 1630mt. Trunk Sewer, 31.812 Km. Laterals and 5704 No. of House connections. Total cost of the project was 34.77 Cr. And has been executed in full. Also UEED Deptt. Is executing Sewerage scheme of left out portion (new settlement) in Talab Tillo area. The scheme comprises of 2700mt. main Sewer line, 6200mt. Laterals. And 2000 house connections. The scheme is under progress and about 8.17 Cr. Has been spent out of the total cost 14.39Cr. of the project.
  • ERA The Sewerage scheme is also under execution in different parts under various packages by ERA.The scheme comprises of 30 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant, Trunk Sewer, Laterals and House connections in Janipur, Bhawani Nagar, Bakshi Nagar, Shakti Nagar and Ploura areas. The total cost of the project is 167.36Cr.