Veterinary Wing


The Municipal Veterinary Section of JMC is dealing with the menace of Stray Cattle, Stray dogs, Antirodents, Slaughter houses, Cattle Pounds, Polythene Enforcement team and attending to any sort of complaints regarding animal origins, accident cases, rabies cases etc within Municipal Corporation limits.

Functions & Duties of Veterinary Wing of JMC :-
  1. Management of Cattle Pounds.
  2. Checking Slaughter of animals to ensure supply of good quality of meat.
  3. Licensing of Pet dogs and controlling the menace of Stray dogs.
  4. To attend Complaints of Rodents.
  5. To attend the complaints of Stray animals particularly accident cases, sick animals, rabbies cases.
  6. Attend to any sort of Complaints regarding any sort of animals within Municipal Limit.
  7. To attend the Complaints of Toll Free of JMC
  8. To redress the public Complaints related to Sanitation with the help of “Clean Up Jammu” Team.
  9. Sterilization/Immunization (ARV) of Stray dogs at Municipal Animal Care Centre Roop Nagar Jammu.
  10. Registering the Pet shop/Pet Clinic/ Pet trader/ bird trader in the Jammu Municipal Corporation Limit.